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CLick to View Details The SportRaxx, SportRaxx XL and Sportraxx RL are the foundation of the SportRaxx by Simpson truck rack system. All of our other products attach to and require these racks. Our SportRaxx multi-sport truck racks are built to fit each different make and model truck.

Paddling Racks

Click to view details With our Canoe Raxx, River Runner Raxx, Kayak Raxx, and full line of Kayak Cradles, we have just the right Paddling rack to suit whatever your needs may be.

Bike Racks

Click to view details Depending on the style you choose, our bike racks for trucks allow you to carry up to 4 bikes on full sized trucks, or 2-3 bikes on small and mid sized trucks. With your choice of the top mounting Bike Raxx or the lower mounting Bedder Bike Raxx, you'll have plenty of space leftover for all your other outdoor adventure gear.

Camping Racks

Click to view details Use the Safari Cargo Basket to load extra gear for your adventures, or the Safari Cargo Table Legs with the Safari Cargo Basket for a portable table where ever you go. Or maybe you'd like to add some light to your nighttime adventures with the Safari Light Bar.

Snow Sport Racks

Click to view details With our Ski Raxx and our Snowboard Raxx, whatever your fancy on the slopes, you can be sure your gear will arrive there in both safety and style.


Click to view details With accessories ranging from Ratchet Tie Downs, to locakable cables, to keyed padlocks, you can have fun while knowing your gear is safe.

SportRaxx provides a number of Raxx for almost any model of truck. We also provide the proper add-ons for your Raxx tailored to your activities. Please choose from the options below to begin your search.

To view our Compatibility Chart, click here.

Don't see what your need for your truck, contact us.

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