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Below are some customer comments we have received:

Took less than a 1/2 hour to install. Anyone with a socket set should be able to install this rack with no problems.

Glen McElfresh Ridgeline owner


I love my SportRaxx, and I apologize for not getting back to you sooner on it's performance. This rack makes my truck an adventure racing machine. I have plenty of room for gear, team, and support crew. I will get some pictures of it fully loaded for you, thanks for a great product.


Robby Bowers


When I bought this full-size pick-up, I did a lot of research into available canoe carrying systems to find one that would allow the truck bed to be enclosed for storing gear without either taking the rack on and off or going without a cover for my gear.  I considered racks, hitch posts, trailers, and most every system available because I also needed to be able to get my 16' canoe on and off the truck by myself easily whenever I do solo trips.

The SportRaxx XL is the only system that I found to be really designed to carry a canoe securely on a truck and still allow both a tonneau cover to function and the tailgate to be usable at the same time that I have the canoe on the truck. 

I use it on local canoe trips weekly and have also taken much longer trips with my canoe this summer, without any problem at all.  The turntable design is really unique and it allows me, a 55 year old guy who has had two rotator cuff surgeries, to easily and safely load and unload the canoe anywhere, anytime.  Haven't dropped it once...  The canoe ties down easily and safely, and there are enough crossbars that you can snug it down with extra back-up tie-downs as desired.

Bill Lukes Aspen , Colorado


These photos were taken shortly after we purchased our SportRaxx XL. As you can see we take a bunch of stuff camping and we really love being able to take our kayaks with us. Having the ability to keep the tonneau cover in place is what sold us on your product. It really has proven to be the best accessory..

Alex Harkness


----Just wanted to let you know how great your SportRaxx By Simpson truck rack is working for me. It has become a permanent accessory on my truck. I recently used the raxx in the Odyssey New Balance Beast of the East 4 day Adventure Race held in Brevard NC . We had one crew member support our 4 member Team Odyssey New Balance using just one vehicle equipped with the SportRaxx. Our one crew member was able to carry all the climbing, boating, trekking, camping, clothing, biking, misc. gear for the race. He said it was very easy to load and unload at each transition area. I have used the raxx system for several other race and non race events. I used to have to consider what equipment I wanted to take, then what equipment I needed to take and would leave behind the non essentials. Now I can take it all and then some. I would recommend this system to anyone who owns a truck and plays in the great outdoors. I'll be glad when more people find out about SportRaxx By Simpson truck racks - Then fewer people will be stopping me to look at mine.

Chris Caul

SportRaxx By Simpson truck racks - Because anything left behind is wasted!


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