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10ft. Ratchet Tie Downs 4-pk: $27.00

No Image Currently Available Use to tie down canoes or kayaks to secure your load. This product is recommended if you plan to travel long distances with your gear.

14ft. Heavy Duty Ratchets: $20.00

No Image Currently Available Can be used to tie down your canoes or kayaks to secure the load.

8ft. Rope Wranglers: $22.00

No Image Currently Available Perfect for quickly tying down your canoe or sea kayaks to the front and rear of your truck.

Extra Long Shackle Locks 4-pk: $37.00

No Image Currently Available Works great with Bike Raxx, Ski Raxx, Snowboard Raxx to secure your gear. Also works well with Kryptoflex* locking cable for securing canoes and kayaks.

* sold separately

Kryptoflex Lockable 7ft. Cable: $27.00

No Image Currently Available Perfect for securing canoes, kayaks, or multiple bikes. Use with Masterlock Extra Long Shackle Locks* to lock gear.

*sold separately

Quick Release Pins 4-pk: $24.00

No Image Currently Available Use these in place of the bolt supplied if you want to be able to quickly remove your Ski Raxx or Snowboard Raxx to store the rack and your equipment inside.

Shipping is FREE in the continental US when ordering accessories together with SportRaxx manufactured racks.

SportRaxx provides a number of Raxx for almost any model of truck. We also provide the proper add-ons for your Raxx tailored to your activities. Please choose from the options below to begin your search.

To view our Compatibility Chart, click here.

Don't see what your need for your truck, contact us.

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